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Learn how Action Network’s powerful, flexible tools can power your campaign.

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Build your campaign

Action Network’s comprehensive toolset has the fundraising, advocacy, and engagement functionality you need to win your campaign.

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Raise Money

Built-in A/B testing and powerful audience targeting makes sending optimized fundraising messages easier than ever—by email or mobile message.

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Mobilize supporters

Seize moments to push your campaign forward by quickly setting up petitions, letter campaigns, and distributed event maps.

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The tools of choice for…

Powering you to create community


letters sent


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Switching to Action Network is easy

Upload, vet, and segment your data. Then get back to making change.

We use Ladders to streamline our conversations and make sure candidates are getting pertinent information when we need them to get it.

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Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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