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A comprehensive toolset

Everything you need to keep your complex, dynamic digital program going and growing.

An example product interface displaying options for tools, including: email, events, fundraisers, reports, mobile messages, call campaigns, groups, and ladders.

Sophisticated targeting

Reach exactly who needs to hear from you, when they need to hear from you.

An example product interface displaying a list of selection options to include or exclude for audience targeting. Options include: actions, engagement, legistlative district, and tags

Easy automation

Save time, resources, and team headaches with sophisticated automation of emails and mobile messages.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: has the activist engaged in the last 6 months? If no: step 2: send a message about a reactivation email + step 3: wait for 7 days to send.

In-depth metrics

Get the answers you need to run a data-driven and effective program.

An example product interface displaying a email analytics including: size of list, new to email in last week, action taken in last week, and unsubscribed from email in the last week.

The tools of choice for…

Powering you to create community


letters sent


event attendees


progressive groups using Action Network

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Switching to Action Network is easy

Upload, vet, and segment your data. Then get back to making change.

Since moving to Action Network, we’ve broken all kinds of historical DNC records, including our best online fundraising January in a decade and our best online fundraising day of the cycle in February.

Clarke Humphrey

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Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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