Powerful, flexible tools to fuel your fundraising

In fundraising, timing is everything. Action Network’s tools make it easy to seize the moment and raise more money for your cause than ever before.

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Simple, powerful targeting tools

Hone in on your audience with dozens of built-in targeting filters focused on engagement, location, event attendance, and more.

An example product interface displaying a list of selection options to include or exclude for audience targeting. Options include: state, county, country, etc

Built-in A/B testing

Optimize your emails and mobile messages with built-in A/B testing.

Best-in-industry deliverability rates

Send emails to your supporters with the confidence that your messages will arrive in their inbox, not the spam folder.

An example product interface displaying an open rate and click rate for a donation appeal.

Automate messages and campaigns for activists

Design sophisticated automated campaign journeys using mobile messages and emails that kick in when activists subscribe, take action, or text in a keyword.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: has the activist engaged in the last 6 months? If no: step 2: send a message about a reactivation email + step 3: wait for 7 days to send.

The tools of choice for…

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Switching to Action Network is easy

Upload and segment your data. Then get back to making change.

Since moving to Action Network, we’ve broken all kinds of historical DNC records, including our best online fundraising January in a decade and our best online fundraising day of the cycle in February.

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Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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