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Hi, we’re Action Network

We believe that teams fighting for progressive change need powerful, flexible tools to win on the issues that will build a more just and equitable world for all of us.

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About us

Action Network tools are made for—and with—teams at people-powered organizations that want to build broad support and foster deeper relationships with supporters. Our tools are made to help you capture a moment, rally supporters to your cause, and sustain relationships with activists to build a stronger organization with lasting impacts.

Since launching in 2012, Action Network tools have helped the Women’s March mobilize huge rallies across the globe, helped the DNC raised millions for candidates and organizations, and much more.

The Action Builder toolset, launched in 2019, helps dozens of unions and progressive organizations empower leaders and build strong organizing campaigns.

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How we’re different

We build our tools through a unique cooperative development model, sharing ownership of our development roadmap with our core Development Partners, who determine what we build and when we build it.

The result: Tools that are more powerful and easier to use for every organization in the progressive movement — from frontline, grassroots organizations to established, federated organizations.

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Our organizational structure

Action Network, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, trains and educates progressives on how to use technology to organize for change.

Action Network is also the sole shareholder of Action Squared Inc., the maker of the Action Network and Action Builder toolsets.

Action Squared builds digital tools in collaboration with progressive organizations that hundreds of organizations use to mobilize supporters and organize activists.

Action Network Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the sister organization of Action Network. The Fund helps organizations incorporate organizing strategies alongside their mobilization, digital, and data programs to build progressive power.

Got it? Great!

You can learn more about our tools and what they can do for your organization by checking out our capabilities or joining an online demo. Nice to meet you!

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The Canadian Labour Congress partners with Action Network to build powerful tools for progressives in Canada

The CLC will ensure that Canadian organizers’ and digital practitioners’ best practices are incorporated into the toolset

Mobilizing AND organizing are essential to building progressive power

At Action Network & Action Builder, we’re uniting the two into a seamless powerbuilding model.