advocacy automation

Set up journeys to help supporters become advocates

Then, let our automation tools do the rest.

A cartoon illustration of a blue hand using a laptop and a red hand sending a message.

Create supporter journeys

Write the emails or mobile messages your supporters should receive after they take a given action.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree functionality to add a trigger onto a task action.

Use email or messaging

Send supporters impactful communications that spur action.

An example product interface displaying how to target emails and mobile messages to Activists who live near Kansas city.

Add paths to customize communications

Send supporters different messages based on their engagement or where they live.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: Activist lives near Kansis city? If no, send an email asking to chip in.

Make it organic

Add wait times to email and mobile message responses so that your supporters feel like they’re chatting with an organizer in real time.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: "take action: stop the bad thing". If no, step 2: send a message invitation to join our rally. Plus step 3: wait for 7 days.

The tools of choice for the…

Powering you to inspire action


letters sent


event attendees


progressive groups using Action Network

Automate to boost engagement and save staff time.


Set up email or mobile message experiences to welcome supporters, collect information, and more.


Automatically send users a message to level up their engagement after they take an action.


Move activists through different paths using decision trees based on the actions they take.

We use Ladders to streamline our conversations and make sure candidates are getting pertinent information when we need them to get it.

Tyler Goodridge

how it works

Create a ladder

Choose from handy templates to welcome new supporters or reengage lapsed ones, or start from a blank slate.


Start adding rungs

Specify the actions and triggers that will prompt a supporter to get the next message in their journey.


Edit – or set it and forget it.

You can change your ladder and its rungs at any time, or just let it go to work to help your supporters level up.


Get started

Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

A cartoon illustration of 3 people. One person is in a wheelchair working on a laptop, one person is holding a megaphone, and another person is staring into the distance.